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Home Inspections, Commercial & Industrial Property Inspections
Walter J. Hollien R.A.
New York State Home Inspections
Licensed New York State Home Inspector
Registered New York State Architect
We provide Home Inspections, Commercial and Industrial property inspections throughout New York State. Our building inspections provide the information needed by you, your real estate broker, your real estate attorney and your mortgage lender prior to finalizing your purchase contract or lease agreement. A properly prepared Inspection Report can yield significant cost savings to buyers in terms of liabilities avoided and cost adjustments to real estate transactions. All Home Inspections are provided by Licensed Architects and or our Licensed Engineers who are also Licensed Home Inspectors. Only licensed Architects & Engineers are permitted by law to analyze structural conditions in a house or commercial building in New York State. As Preservation Architects we specialize in the inspection of historic properties.   
Services offered
Home Inspections
Commercial Building Inspections
Mobile Home Foundation Certifications
Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections
Property Condition Assessments
Due Diligence Reports 
Estimates for corrective work
NYS Building Code Compliance Evaluations
ADA Compliance Evaluations
NYC local law No. 11 Facade Inspections
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